Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year 2015!

A New Year

We reached 2015!  It's our yearly tradition here to celebrate on the 31st, and bring in the New Year at our house with both of our local church families. 
This year there were around 100 people who showed up.  We had verse recitation, skits, songs, 2 messages, and prayer going into the New Year. This celebration is always a highlight of good fellowship for us, and we had a blessed time together this year! Happy New Year 2015!

 ...and just to be real here...
After this crowd left at around 2:30am...there were still 10 extra kids who stayed over night.  I was surveying the aftermath of the celebration. I admit, if my house is a wreck...I don't take it well...and this was a disaster!  I went to the back of the house to turn off a light..and saw another disaster before my eyes!  It was 3am...I almost lost it...Two of our teen boys came out to see what I was doing.  They were just looking at me like "Oh no...what's she going to do, cry?"  Ha Ha!  So, I told them "Turn off the light and close the door, I can't face this now!" (There's probably a spiritual application here somewhere!)  But, in the morning all those kids, my 5 included, got up and cleaned the house front to back.  After about an hour and a half, everything was clean and back in place...and I almost cried again!  Love these people God gave us!

Monday, January 5, 2015

To blog or not.....

It's been quite a few months since I've posted anything on this blog.  I guess I could say that there are many reasons why.  With the busyness of the life I am living, sometimes...something gets neglected.  I've actually sat down quite a few times and started to write.  There are 5 saved, unfinished, unposted drafts, I just checked.  I will be honest, I am a private person (living in a fishbowl with a flashing red light on top of my head...haha!)  So, even though I started this blog to share things that don't make it into monthly letters or email updates,  sometimes sharing my life seems a little difficult.  Then, I wonder too, if anything I write or experience could really be interesting enough for someone else to read.

At the request of my family, I did not give up this blog altogether.  We got into a discussion about it last night.  When I said that the things I write might not be that interesting...they said..."You are living in the third world, Mom, people "over there" find that interesting" :-)   When I said I didn't know what to write about sometimes...they said.."You have 5 angels living in your house who are the sunshine of your life..what more inspiration do you need?"  (Really??)  So, thanks to their (ahem) "encouragement", I'm going to try to revive this blog.  I feel there are many things that I could write, if I can just find the words.
...my 5 angels of sunshine!