Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church was started in 2007.  We met for a few months in our home, but soon moved to a rented room.
We rented a small room for a while, but with only one room we had to have Sunday School outside, which didn't always work well (especially in rainy season!).
The building where we meet.  We are on the 1st floor above the "Departmental Store".  The yellow sign says: "Grace Baptist Church" and gives the service timings.
A view of the church hall
Sunday School class
Now, we are renting a space that has a hall, a small classroom, a small room that we use for a kitchen, and an office.   We are so thankful for the extra space! 
So this is the building where we meet, but the church is the people!  So let me share with you a few photos some of the people of our church.
One of our members was recently married so on Sunday night we had a cake and fellowship for the newlyweds.

Enjoying the cake
Church families presenting gifts to the new couple
Our church is very near a pharmaceutical college.  These are some of the students that attend our church.  We love our college students!
The girl on the left will be starting Bible college next month..pray for her.
 The population of this country is over 1 billion!  Pray for us that God will help us to continue to share the Gospel with as many as He brings across our path. 
Also, I will take this chance to invite all of you to visit us here at Grace Baptist Church!  Come see what God is doing! 

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