Friday, August 31, 2012

Alyssa's 13th Birthday!

Alyssa has been reminding me for about 11 months that she would "soon" be turning 13!  The day of her birth, August 16, 1999, is a day still vivid in my memory, but in some ways it actually feels like another lifetime.  Alyssa celebrated her first birthday in Maryland, and her second in India.  Most of her other birthdays have also been celebrated in India, though she was excited in 2010 to celebrate her birthday in Gettysburg, PA. 
Alyssa is the outgoing one..the responsible one among her siblings.  Of course, it's exciting for any child  kid,  young person to enter the "teen years".  Also, a little bittersweet for mom and dad.  But, when I remember that now I have girl who is able to cook, clean bathrooms, and take care of her younger siblings (among other things), I can't stay sad for long! 
Package from Grandpa and Grammie in Maine...flip-flops from LL Bean..what's not to love!
Special lunch out..she ordered taco salad (made with chicken of course)
Grandpa and Grandma Pratt called on Skype at just the right time, and were able to attend part of the birthday party.  The wonders of modern technology!
Happy Birthday to a beautiful 13-year old, Alyssa Rose!

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  1. Wow! Time really flies doesn't it? I'm trying to catch up on the posts I've missed this summer... so glad you are blogging :-)