Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A trip to Mumbai

In August, Brian, Kara, and I took a trip to Mumbai for a few days.  Mumbai (Bombay) is about 1800 km from our home here in Punjab.  Our friends, Pastor and Mrs. Eda, who have been serving the Lord in Mumbai for about 30 years, invited us to come to visit their ministries, and their Bible College. 
It is always an encouragement to see nationals who have been serving God for years, and staying true to God's Word.  It's a blessing to see the Eda's desire to train up the young people of India to take the Word of God to the multitudes of this country.
While we were there, Brian preached in chapel services.  He also taught classes for the senior students on the practical aspects of being a pastor and planting churches.  On Saturday, there was a family meeting for all the college faculty, where he spoke on the Christian home.  During this meeting, I took a session for the faculty wives on "Being a help, and not a hindrance to the ministry".  I was also able to teach a Bible study for the college girls.
Some of the college faculty
Two of the faculty members children
Kara made some new friends while at the Bible College
Had to share this photo of the work going on at the Bible College.  They were working on a drive way, so these men were laying the stone before paving it.  Look at the size of that rock he is carrying on his head! 
 The college is located about an hour and a half outside of the city of Mumbai, so it is a very quiet and peaceful setting, unlike the city of Mumbai itself.
On Sunday, we visited Mumbai proper to be in the services of three different churches.  Also, on Wednesday we went for a meeting in "Asia's largest slum", which is home to over a million people. 
This is a pictures of the meeting.  We didn't get there until it was dark, so I didn't get any other pictures of the area, but believe me, it is like a city in itself.  Bro. Prashant, who we have known for years, is doing a good work in this slum area.

We were able to visit a few of Mumbai's well-known tourist attractions while there: the Gateway of India, the Taj Hotel, and the Arabian Sea.
Brian and Kara at the Arabian Sea
Gateway of India -- Built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911.
The Taj Hotel, the site of an extremely deadly terror attack in 2008
Trying to get Kara to "touch the top" of the Taj hotel..almost got it!
Mumbai trivia:
Formerly known as Bombay
Largest and richest city in India
Home to "Asia's largest slum"
Fourth largest city in the world
Home of India's film industry, which is nicknamed "Bollywood
Financial capital of India: the Reserve Bank and National Stock Exchange are located here


  1. Thank you, Angela, for sharing the pictures and your story of your trip. I am learning so much about India. It is good to know that the Lord is blessing the Eda's abundantly!

    In regards to that man carrying that stone on his head, How'd he do that!? :)

  2. That man and another man...together...lifted up that stone..the way they were lifting it, it looked very heavy, and set it on his head. He has a pad of cloth on his head..I guess so he won't get cut by the stone. I'm sure it injures their neck and back..we see people all the time doing this kind of work..and so many of them don't even walk straight!

  3. Kara is a DOLL! I've enjoyed looking back through your posts and seeing the culture there. Each picture speaks loudly...does that make sense? Praying for you!