Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some prayer requests

Pray for the sick.  There is still so much sickness here.  Dengue fever is the main problem now.  The hospitals are literally overflowing. Brian visited in a hospital last night, and there were literally no beds available.  The new patients are using metal trolleys, that they use in the emergency room, to lay on.  Some of our church members are very sick.  Ethan has had a low fever for a couple days.  It went up to 102.5 today so we did the blood test for dengue, just as a precaution.  He doesn't seem overly sick, but he did say today that he felt weak, and he has been laying around a lot, which is unusual for him. 

Pray for our church building.  We have been renting the same rooms for the past few years to hold our services.  The owner of the building now wants to raise the rent by 64% in December.  We are just not able to bear this increase, so are praying and searching for other options.  Pray that we find the right place, or that God changes the owner's heart.

Pray for a new ministry.  A group of young people from the North East of India (Manipur), has been meeting for fellowship in Chandigarh for a couple years.  Brian met them through a mutual friend and preached for them a few times.  They have asked him to be interim pastor for them.  They want help in forming a church, strengthening the believers, evangelizing the unbelievers in their midst, and calling a pastor when they are ready.  The group meets near the campus of Punjab University, and a lot of those that attend are college students.  This will mean a greater responsibility and ministry load for all of us.  Pray for strength for the work.

Pray for our furlough plan.  We are praying and planning to take a furlough next year, starting in April or May.  Pray for the finances to fly our family of seven to the US.

Thank you to all that read our updates and pray for us.  It is so important for missionaries to have the support of the believers.  We cannot do it alone, please keep us in your prayers. 


  1. Thank you, Angela, for posting this. I will most certainly be praying for each issue! God bless you!

  2. We are missionaries in the Dominican Republic. We have a Dengue epidemic here right now too. My husband actually just got over it (for the second time, me and him both had it when we first got here). We will be praying for y'all.