Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

For our church, we always like to have a New Year's Eve celebration every December 31st.  This is one of the most anticipated events of our year!  This year, both of our churches came to our house, to celebrate together.
Yes, this is our living/dining room...and yes there is usually some furniture in there!

We had about 75 people in attendance, which made for a packed house! 
Please remove your shoes at the door...
It was a blessed night all around, with a good spirit of fellowship. 
 There was a lot of special music....
The young people put on some great skits...

Aftar and Sahil

Bro. Gainingam showing his true colors!  (Just kidding...maybe)

Naomi stuck in the "sin box".


Melody and Ethan (can you recognize him under all that hair?)
We heard 2 messages from the Word of God, and entered the New Year on our knees in prayer.
Many people have told us that this was the best New Year's Eve celebration ever!  Happy New Year 2013!!
Alyssa and Jasmine


Ethan and Ajay

Brian and Kara

Niper students

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  1. ha ha ha! Look at that big mouth singing! :)
    Thanks for sharing!