Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prayer requests

Please remember these requests in prayer....

Pastor Mangibabu in Manipur was inured in a motorcycle accident.  He has quite a bit of damage to his face.  Pray for his healing.

Brian is in Manipur right now.  He will be visiting a village next Tuesday where there are no known Christians.  There are over 100 families there.  The lady from Manipur with cancer, who we were praying for passed away last week, and this is her home village.  He visited the family once already, and they are very open and asking him to come back to pray for them.  Pray that the Gospel will touch the hearts of these people who are living without hope.

Pray for Grace Baptist Church, we are still searching for a new meeting place.  The rent we are paying now is too much to handle.  Pray for God to open the right doors and lead us to the place where He wants us to meet.

We are planning to be in the US by May.  Pray for the rest of the needed finances for our flight.  Also, for the need of a vehicle while we are in the US, and for increased support, as we have lost some supporters in the last few months, due to financial problems in various churches. 

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