Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Melody is 10!

On March 4th, Melody turned 10 years old. 
Melody has spent most of her life in India.  We were in India for a year, and then returned to the US for a few months, because of some political problems in the country.  While back in the States, we found out I was expecting, so decided to stay in the US for her birth.  At that time, honestly, I was not comfortable giving birth in any of the hospitals that were available to us near our home in India.  Since then, things have obviously changed, since Melody was the last of our children to be born in the US. (Ethan was born in Kerala, and Kara in Punjab)   Melody was 6 weeks old when we returned to India.
Happy Birthday to our tenderhearted 10-year old, Melody Joy!

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