Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy days

What have the Pratts been up to?

We flew back to the US mid-April.  We took a couple weeks off to rest, recuperate, and adjust to all the changes.  The life that we live in the States is so different from our "normal" life on the mission field.  Even after almost 2 months here, I find my children struggling with certain aspects of our "life on furlough".  To be honest I struggle with certain aspects of it myself (but that can be a subject for a future post).  So, here is a brief run down of some of the things that have been keeping us busy the last few weeks.


We've spent time with family, one of the best things about furlough.
We "skype" weekly with those in India.

We've started spending quite a lot of time in the van.

We've started spending a lot of time visiting churches. 
So far, our busiest week, we were in four different churches all in the same week.  We have also already visited churches in 5 different states, and one Canadian province. 
Pray for us as we continue our furlough journey.
Memorial Day in Lee, Maine...it was cold that day!

White Mts., NH

New Hampshire

Picking strawberries

Amish farmer in PA

....and a lot of packing and unpacking

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