Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Interesting" trip back to India

Many of you probably know that Brian has traveled back to India for 3 weeks.  When you have a ministry and life established in a country, it is very difficult to leave it for months at a time!  On the way to India, he had a layover in Amsterdam.  When he went to check-in for his flight, they wanted to see his old, expired passport.  Well, he didn't have it with him.  Why? you's expired..and we've never been asked for it before.  They didn't even ask for it when he boarded a plane in Chicago.
So, they wouldn't let him board a plane to India.  What were our options???
1. He could fly back to the US to get the passport.  Not very feasible or affordable.
2. I could fly to Amsterdam to hand the passport over.  Hmmm...while an interesting idea..not possible.
3.  I could overnight the passport to him.   Sounds a little scary, and we weren't sure where mail would get sent in such a large, and busy airport.
4.  The immigration office in Amsterdam told him to visit the Indian embassy there for help, because this had to do with a stamp for his visa.  Visit the Indian embassy  This person has obviously never visited the Indian embassy!  Anyway...that seemed like the only option that was possible.  So, he stayed overnight in Amsterdam and went to the embassy.  I don't know how helpful they were (doubtful), but he was able to get the visa he needed to get to India.
You never know what new regulations foreign governments will come up with to throw you off, even when you think you know what you are doing!   He says that when he gets back to the US, he will staple his expired passport to the new one.  Are you allowed to do that?  He doesn't care..he said for the price of 2 staples he can keep a small part of his sanity!  HA!
He is on the plane to India now, please pray for his 3 week stay there.  He will be visiting the churches, checking out our house, teaching a pastor's class, and visiting a new orphanage.
Thanks to everyone who is praying for his travels.  I will try to update you when I can.

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