Friday, December 13, 2013

December already?

If you have been wondering if I would post this on this blog was I!  I do want to keep the blog going, and I have a lot of ideas of things to post.  I have found out that furlough is a different kind of life.  OK, so I already knew that, but.... 
This is actually the longest furlough that we have ever taken.  We usually stay in the US for about 6 months, so it has been different for us to be here for so many months.   While on furlough, we have been visiting a lot of churches to update the ministry or present the ministry to new churches.  When you go from church to church you get a lot of questions.
Do you have a home? (not exactly)
Where did you get your van?  (from a friend)
How long will you be in the US?  (till we go back..probably March)
Do you miss India? (yes)
What is India like or how is it different from the US? (now there's a question with a loaded answer)
Do your kids speak English? (yes)
Do your kids speak Indian? (no, Indian is not a language, we speak Hindi :-))
We have visited a lot of churches and a lot of states, and even made it to Canada.  One of the difficulties of furlough is not having a schedule of your own.  Since we don't have a home of our own here, we are usually staying with family, friends, churches, or strangers.  When you stay with someone else you kind of have to flow with their schedule.  Our schedule of meetings has also been busy, hence a silent blog. 
We have been homeschooling on the road, and the months of October and November were filled with mission conferences and various other meetings.  We have now landed in Maine for December.  Maine...for December?  No, we are not crazy (not much).  I love the cold, and wanted my kids to see some snow.  They haven't seen much in their lives.  We haven't been in the US during December since 2005.  So, we have put away the school books for the month, and are soaking up the cold, snow, and family time.  The kids are learning to slide and make snowmen, and spending as much time as possible with their cousins. 
Look for more updates to come soon (I hope).  Please bear with this furlough missionary! 


  1. So glad we were part of your time in the USA! Enjoy every minute of December! the school books will always be there! Love to everyone.

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