Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bible Conference

Things have been rolling along pretty well over here...very busy!  Our annual Bible Conference starts tomorrow.  We have national pastors coming from different parts of the country (some with families along).  We are not sure exactly how many are coming, but we never know until they get here.  Some who have said they are coming may not show up, and others may show up that we don't know about!  There will be classes for the pastors and the ladies each morning, and preaching in the evening.  I will be teaching 3 classes for the ladies, as well as Sunday School on Sunday.  Brian is also teaching some classes for the pastors, and preaching.  We have 2 special speakers coming who will teach classes, as well as preach.
This is always a good time of fellowship and instruction.  We don't just want to "have a meeting".  We are praying to see real change in the lives of people.  Many need to be saved, many need to be faithful, and many need to be encouraged.  Please pray for our Conference, Thursday to Sunday.