Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bible Conference 2014

Thank you to all those that prayed for our Bible Conference!  Everything went extremely well, and all the meetings were a blessing.  The attendance was high every night (over 150 every night and the last night over 200), and we saw people saved and hearts touched. 
There were pastors visiting from different parts of India, and we enjoyed good fellowship.  We especially enjoyed our fellowship with Pastor and Mrs. Eda from Mumbai.  They have been serving God there for 33 years!  This couple is always a blessing and encouragement to us in the ministry.
We held separate classes in the mornings for the pastors and ladies.  Alyssa and Naomi were pressed into service as translators for the ladies classes. This is the first time they have translated in a formal class setting.  It is a blessing to see them using their knowledge of the languages to help in the ministry.
We are so thankful for the ways we are seeing God working in hearts.  Our desire is to see souls come to Christ and follow Him wherever He may lead them in life. 
They were singing "Jesus is Coming Soon".  Reminded us of our college days, singing this same song in the choir.
Thank you for your prayers for our family and the ministry here.

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  1. praise the Lord for wonderful meetings!! That is wonderful that the girls were able to get involved and help with the translating. Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing!!