Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating the 4th

We may be living in this "strange" country, but we love to remember and celebrate our American holidays.  We were not able to see any fireworks on the 4th, but we had a great day!  We had a BBQ with friends, celebrated Kara's birthday, sang some patriotic songs, and ended the day watching "This is the Army" starring Ronald Reagan. 
We started the day with some patriotic scones!

About a year ago, Brian found a small gas grill here, so we enjoy grilling out once in a while.  The small grill is charcoal.
God bless Pastor Dubish and Ethan for venturing into the meat market.  They emerged after about 1/2 hour smelling of dead fish, and carrying a bag with 3 kg of nice pork chops!  A rare find...soooo good!

We also celebrated Kara's birthday on the 4th, since Brian and 3 of the kids were in Mumbai on the 2nd.
Kara with her birthday cake
The inside of the cake

Happy Birthday America!  Hope everyone had a wonderful day, no matter where in the world you spent this American holiday!

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  1. So glad to the Lord blessed you with a wonderful cook out! Kara looks like she is having so much fun! The cake looks great, too. YUM!

    Thanks for shareing! God bless you!