Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Youth Meeting!

The new school year here in Punjab begins in July.  Most schools delayed about a week this year, because of the intense heat wave.  Schools also are open 6 days a weeks here (not the Pratt school!), but the second Saturday of the month is always a holiday.  So, the second Saturday in July we had a "Back-to-school" youth meeting.
We had the meeting at our house.  There were 31 youth that showed up!  There were 6 visitors, a few of our college students, and most of the youth who attend or regularly visit our church.  We were excited to see so many come out.
They heard 3 messages from God's Word, played some games, and had lunch.
Alyssa (standing on the right, in red) ended up being the champion of this game...who knew?
Q-tip war
Open up!
Now for some lunch...
The boy on the left is unsaved and visited a youth meeting for the first time

Sunil (left) is saved, but is succumbing to the pull of the world.  Pray for him to take a stand for Christ.

Pootil (left) raised her hand for salvation, but would not come forward to talk to anyone later.  Pray that the Lord continues to work on her heart.  Her brother has made a profession of faith, but their parents are strict Hindus.

 We have a great burden for our young people.  The pull of the world is very strong.  Many have unsaved parents.  Even those parents who are believers, many are more concerned about the studies, or a good job for their children, than they are about their spiritual life.  Pray that the Lord will draw them and give them strength to stand for His name. 


  1. Thank you for sharing! I was reading 2 Chronicles 16 this morning and saw how king Asa relied more on others and God did not bless him. I pray that these Parents that have made their profession of faith will rely more on God than the wellness of their childrens accademics. If they would rely more on God, every thing will fall into place, supernaturally.

  2. Hi Angela,

    Your Blog is wonderful and so easy to read! I'm sorry I haven't seen it before. You have a beautiful family - PTL! I'll be praying for this family - and continue to pray for you all

    In His Love,

    Flora (Sawyer)